Fr. Gomidas has been our Assistant Parish Priest since August 2012 , coming from serving numerous communities around the world.

Assistant Priest of St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church (2012-2019)

               Movses Vahan Panossian, was born on August 5, 1951 Mousa Ler Anjar, Lebanon, where he received his elementary education. In the early 1960s, Movses was accepted in the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia. Following his graduation from the seminary, he became Principal of the Harach National School in Anjar and at the local St. Boghos Church, where he taught and directed both institutions.

              In 1975, pursuant to the Iran–Indian Diocesan Council and the incumbent Prelate, Archbishop Mesrob Ashdjian’s invitation, he left for New Julfa in Iran on Oct. 5, 1975. Movses was appointed responsibility for the Diocesan Library. He also taught Armenian History and Religious Studies at the Kananian High School. Movses was responsible for the curriculum of the schools of under the auspices of the Churches.

              In the same year, he established Amenaprgich (All Saviour) Monastery Choir, later known as Gomidas, raising the number of members to 115.

             After seven years of residency in New-Julfa, he married Seta Kusbekian, who gave birth to their daughter Tsoler and their son Shahan. In August 1982 he returned to his Anjar, Lebanon where he assumed different roles being the Principal again at Harach National School, the Principal at Balekjian School of Zaleh, and the conductor of Barouyr Sevag’s Gomidas choir.

             In 1993 he was ordained and consecrated as a married priest, being renamed Gomidas. Following his ordination, Gomidas Panossian assumed position at St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Cathedral on November 21, 1993.

            Father Gomidas, at the behest of the Head Prelate, organized the Artzakh choir, the inter-collegial central committee, and taught in the National Cilician and Abkarian schools. He has been a member of the three district religious educational committees, in one district as the committee chairman, and a long-time member of the Religious Education Committee.

            As of 2013 he was a member of the religious Assembly and Lebanon’s Committee for the 1700th anniversary of the Armenian church.

            When Archpriest Rev. Fr. Varant Bedrosian of St. Nishan Armenian Apostolic church died in 2002 the Board of Trustees of the church appointed Panossian to take his place. On September 17, 2002 Panossian, his wife Seta, and their son Shahan, moved to Cambridge, Ontario and Panossian took pastoral responsibilities over St. Nishan Armenian Apostolic Church. He was also the principal of the Armenian Relief Society’s Saturday Cultural Language School.

            In August 2012 Fr. Gomidas Panossian was appointed to St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church as a pastoral assistant.